Saturday, May 2, 2015

T-shirt EBTKS Quilt

Started in February!
Wrestled all the parts together....
and now.

These quilts are a puzzle. There is no direct plan, I build and LOOK as I go... What does it need, what block shape does it need, what Colors do I need to add, how do I balance it... Working with one T-shirt at a time, this quilt came together...

It's a Big One! 86" X 98", (before quilting...) It will shrink down a inch or two...   It is such fun to finally take it down off my wall...

It gets to be quite a challenge to maneuver under the machine. when the top is nearly completed !

I do hope the customer loves it as much as I do!

Other Everything But The Kitchen Sink Quilts I've made over the years...
the first:

Everything But the Kitchen Sink Quilt, Original, 2009 (NFS)

Ragamuffin Everything But The Kitchen Sink Quilt 2010 (Sold)
Santa Everything But the Kitchen Sink Quilt. 2012

Silk Everything But the Kitchen Sink quilt... Must find final photo! (2011)
Still waiting to be quilted... LOL. sigh.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


"Rhinestones in a Diamond World" - Victoria Findlay Wolfe quilted by Shelly Pagliai, 2014 
 When I taught at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum, I had along with me a quilt, "Rhinestones in a Diamond World"-2014 
I had made, that had been inspired by a quilt at IQSCM, 

Above is my version, where I added made fabric, and accentuated the Shape that the diamonds make. and played up my corners by rounding them to fit inside the navy blue frame. Playing with solids and balancing color, was a fun project to take on!

Having  this quilt in my classroom to inspire the students was a real treat, and I am thankful to IQSCM for allowing me to share it with the students.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Happy Monday!

So many Beautiful Double wedding ring quilts started this past weekend! Thanks Maureen for hosting me again with your great group of quilters in Salem!  Enjoy the photo display! I hope you are inspired to learn the DWR!  
Come take my 5 day class at Madeline Island this summer!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Salem, two day workshop. ( day 1)

WOW! All 20 people, came ready to CUT IT UP! today!! And I can tell you fabric was FLYING!
Folks had no problem thinking outside the box, (or outside the curves!)  Old blocks were cut, new fabrics were infused, patterns were redesigned!  SO EXCITING!!! ...and this was only DAY 1!

Lisa thought she might change her Bright light's Big city DWR arcs into full circles!

A version of A Summer's Day quilt happening here  by Marcy. Medallion style!

Vintage fabrics and vintage quilt top remake/redo! Exciting!!

Dresden spin-y blocks act as eye candy in this scrappy happy DWR by Maureen!

Just a peek! Will have more at end of day tomorrow!!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

coming along!

The top half of my Everything But the Kitchen Sink Quilt using T-Shirts is complete!  Now to finish adding the bottom half!
Such a joy blast of color!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

B & W

I came home from Nebraska with a mighty sinus infection. Man, oh, man, that is not fun flying.. my eardrums were screaming... But, that did not stop me from getting super inspired while in Lincoln!  

(It's always nice to go away, but it even nicer to come home to my JUKI!) 

I woke up with a new idea, and as soon as I got home, I instantly began cutting up fabrics, and piecing, and appliquéing... and oh yeah! Prepping samples for this weekend in Salem, Ma! I am so looking forward to it! I love getting people the TIME and skills they need to build these quilts... They really are so fun, AND, you feel  accomplished when you master those skills!

SO, if you plan on making a double wedding ring, want help, or are just ready to tackle one... 

Come take my FIVE day class at Madeline Island School of Art.  To have time to cut, talk design, find the layout, and then learn and master the skills. (they are not hard, just patience builders....) The class over all is a massive skill builder class! 

Let me show you first hand how curves are not hard, learn a few piecing tricks, and give you fresh ideas thew and old projects! then, take the leap, then leave those fears at home and come play with me! Quilting is fun!!  Get one on one attention, and leave there with something fabulous to show for it.  MISA is in AUGUST this year... I don't usually work in August, and I said yes because it is SO AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL up there!! I lived in Duluth Minnestoa before I moved here, and I love Lake Superior, and have also been over to Bayfield, WI for Apple Festival.. It's SUPER fabulous and gorgeous... google it...there is no more beautiful place to come take a class. 

Come play with me. 

The new project, is working with Black and White.  I'm doing a bit of appliqué and having so much fun with these little eyeballs! I'll show you parts as I go until I get it sorted out...  I planned on doing a video for today, but I'm still coughing my lungs out, so that was not happening today... Tonight though my cough seems to have gone. So, I may be on the mend... YEAH!

I'm pretty convinced the eyes follow me...
Freaky huh?


Monday, April 20, 2015

IQSCM workshop.

A HUGE Thank you to the amazing staff at the International Quilt Study Center for an amazing weekend.
(not pictured) Patricia Crews and Leslie Levy and, L to R: Johnathan Gregory, Laura Chapman, Marin Hanson, me, Carolyn Ducey, Kim Taylor, Dean Young, Joy Shalla Glenn & Mary Ourecky.

I look forward to coming back to Lincoln in June! See you then!

We held the class on Saturday, and dug right in for some major PLAY time!

We were lucky to have couple quilts hanging in the class room for inspiration!

 The students were very fast workers! Fabric was flying and ideas were popping left and right!
We talked about improv, color, choices for contrast and making moving in your quilt... Manipulating the fabrics, making the most of what you create.... A busy fun filled day!

Perhaps you will be inspired by what some of the students have made!

 The students always inspire me... I went back to my hotel that night and had ideas rolling around in my brain all night, and now I want to get back in the studio and make!!!   I love how teaching classes works both ways... You all are inspiring...

Thank you for that!!