Sunday, June 25, 2017

New Sizzix dies in stock!

Varied Triangle die SIZZIX : Works on the BOG shot and Big Shot Plus and the Big Shot PRO machine

Hi everyone! It's been a crazy week, and then I got sick on the first day of summer! What is up with that?? I'm still coughing and droopy but hoping my head clears before I jump on a plane to Milwaukee Tuesday, for the day!  I'm heading over to the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Textiles for a meeting, and turning around and flying straight home in time to pick up my daughter from the airport! She has been in Colorado, taking care of wolves!  Yes, you heard that correct! A community service trip to care for wolves on wolf preserve...I think she has had a blast...If the photo tells me anything!

So while I am stuff here coughing away at home, MY new SIZZIX dies are now in the shop!  Totally Trees, Diamond Point, and Varied Triangle So grab them quick as I only have three of each of my dies...  BTW, I have all my dies in the website and in the store, if you come to visit, but note:

We are closed weekends for  JULY AND AUGUST
Monday - Thursday 10-1pm   and Friday 12-6pm

Totally Trees: Works on the Big Shot Plus and the Big Shot PRO machine

Diamond Point Sizzix die : Works on the Big Shot Plus and the Big Shot PRO machine

 Grab those dies! :-)  

In the meantime, I 'm going to take a nap, even if it's 5:05 pm.... achoo!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

VFW NYC Quilt retreat

 This week I am hosting my Annual VFW NYC Retreat here in my home, hosting 8 quilters from the US and Canada!  Day one is spent on cutting, designing, and all things inspiration!

Many folks come with a set idea, and then we tweak it as they go... we talk about color, placement, pushing what we first "see" into a new creative space.

We look for more ideas to change up the pattern, and see where else we can stretch ourselves.
It's always very exciting to watch people make there first cuts, wary, then, I turn around again, and a million pieces show up in the design wall.  

I love watching them work. It inspires me to see them make the connections.

I'm pleased to be hosting these lovely quite folk!
I'll share with you as there work changes and morphs!

 Someone is plum-tuckered-out in the scrap pile!!
Socializing is exhausting, She says...

If you are interested in my VFW NYC 3 day quilt retreat, I announce the class only in my newsletter, It  does fill very quickly... You can sign up for my newsletter here.

At the end of the day, My New "GARLAND" quilt,  (Double wedding Ring pattern, kit and templates)   now in the store, came back from Mandy Leins who quilted it.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Home again, from Lincoln, NE!

I'm just back from a Lincoln Nebraska, to the International Quilt Study Center & Museum
where I am on the Advisory board. It was our yearly meeting, and always a huge treat to get to spend time at QuiltHouse!  

Currently, Bill Volckening is having a exhibit of some of his Double knit polyester quilts... 
We both collect, he has more. ;-)  We have a huge fondness for these quilts...Here isa flash back on an article on the two of us, My Double knit twin. ;-)


Reunited!  Sort of. ;-)

We get a peak at many new acquisitions when we are there... Here is a new Hawaiian quilt they now have. it's always fun to see what new quilts are now part of the collection.

Another beauty....

Geeta Kandlewhal is also in the board with us, and it was inspiring to hear her talk about this quilt she made on the Ghandi.  She is n amazing quilt Artist and collector from Mumbai, India. Greta is the author of Godharis of Maharashtra. She told a very moving story about this quilt.

Thank you Geeta for my pin cushion.  *wink!

I'll share more pictures this week! Happy to be home!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Get your tickets!

This quilt was made by YOU!

Win this "Coming Together" Quilt! Support ALS! This quilt was made by me with help of many of YOU by hand piecing these blocks at QuiltCon 2016! Please share and help spread the word! Got tickets? 

Thank you, Quilters Dream Batting, Marcus FabricsBradley Mitchell (Aurifil)Elena Gregotti Alex Veronelli and Juki Home for your support of this project. Your support goes a long way! Thank you!!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Green & Red is in the house

If you've been following my blog for a while ,you will know this fact about me...
I LOVE  GREEN & RED together!
Need proof?  Here's a small smattering of the 5-10 green & red quilts I make each year!

I love subtle Holiday fabrics, Fabrics that read Green & Red. So they can be red & green without being  overly "Christmas-y."  ...Although I do love me some Santa and reindeer fabrics too, who am I kidding? Need more proof?  Click here.

But in general, I love the combo of colors.  I also love vintage quilts and red, green and yellow here hugely popular back in the day, so this can work both ways... Modern vintage!

This wreath print can be used as a WHOLE cloth panel, or chop it up to make some amazing designs! Below using my Snack set template #6 from the variety pack to make this cute block! ( BTW: Snack Set Sew-a-long at Facebook! Come play along!)

....Or as a whole cloth,  adding the scalloped borders around and a little applique to make a sweet tree skirt, or table top quilt, or Large Four block quilt!  All NEW products are here.

...And you know I love a great polka dot!  This linen colored with white dot, ( it is cotton, not linen) also comes in red! It looks great all cut up, or as a backing!

All of these beauties are now in the webshop and in the VFW quilts NYC store.  

And... If you are following me on INSTAGRAM, you can pop over there to enter my Green & RED Giveaway! ( at Instagram ONLY)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Very Special Quilt.

Late last summer, I rcvd an email from a Grandmother, whose granddaughter had passed away quite young from a rare cancer.  She asked me if I could make a quilt from Cheli's pjs, as she spent a good deal of her little life in them... I was very touched by the project, as she was wanting it to give to her daughter as memory quilt.  I was overwhelmed by the idea of making such a special quilt, and was nervous to take it on, but after meeting her, and her stories she shared of Cheli, I couldn't' say no.  Cheli's favorite color was purple, so Everything within the quilt that is Purple are the fabrics I added, everything else is made up of the Pajama clothing that I was given to make this quilt.

To make it, I had to deconstruct the clothing into useable pieces. I used Pellon 906F toFuse to the fabrics, so that I could sew them without them stretching.  I wanted to keep the fabrics as full as possible, capturing the elements of the PJ's, to best capture her sweet spirit.

I added her name by using reverse raw edge appliqué, and added some hand big stick quilting around the letters, and over all, I think it turned into a very sweet quilt.  It will be given Cheli's mother at the one year anniversary of her death.

This type of project is not for everyone. Some people can not understand how or why you'd want to hold on to those memories. But for me, and plenty of others, ( I do get asked to make many quilts like this) Memory quilts are a great way to hang on to something tangible to remember what a blessed soul they are.  Never met Cheli, But I felt drawn to her through he fabrics, and could celebrate her life with a smile. This project really touched my heart... I now am making a second quilt for the grandmother.

Making these quilts are very healing... and I am honored that they asked me to make this quilt for them.

I used my Double wedding ring center piece "Concave square," and the FULL melon to make this quilt. I love the shapes and space it gave me to capture the elements in the fabrics that were so sweet... 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Totally Trees Sizzix die!

We are having a whole lot of fun at Spring Quilt Market! It's always fun to realize the new work that we've been sitting on for ages!  Now we can all play with new toys! haha!
The last of my three dies is TOTALLY TREES!  Simple shapes great for scrap busting to make these darling trees in various sizes....
I've been having a lot of fun playing with positive negative space,
 and making scrap quits as well!

Using the same die to whip through my scrap bins to make this adorable new pillow for my couch...  I hope you've enjoyed seeing the new Sizzix dies!

Be sure to visit my website, as we now have my line of dies listed at the website.
click here  *Limited stock available
The NEWEST dies will be available in June!

You don't want to miss out seeing Victoria Findlay Wolfe Quilts on Fresh Quilting, staring today! 😉Get all the details on this new episode here: