Monday, September 29, 2014

quiet time.

A perfect weekend.

Yes, I may have been sick in bed all day Saturday, but it was very much a perfect weekend.  I relaxed, rested up, and came out to sit on my steps at my house, only to see a rainbow ending at my feet!

The weather was spectacular. Warm, soft breeze, and I slept like a rock the night before....

I treasure that quiet time at my house. I love NYC, but I can not get "QUIET" like I can when I'm out among the trees....

Only a few places can get my head that quiet... one is in my outdoor shower.  I can look up to the trees, and see nothing else. No people, No houses... No nothing.

Another is at the beach, or at a lake... listening to the water... I can work out the hardest of issues, when I get quiet and listen...

 caught me in a quiet moment...

Perhaps I may have even worked out how to finish these blocks... What I kept thinking of as "Christmas Blocks" now feels like FALL blocks, after seeing a few trees start to, green, yellow and gold.

I feel refreshed, I'm almost healthy again, and I'm ready to head on out to the Keystone Quilters today and tomorrow...

Find some quiet time today...  
It puts a quiet smile on your face.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Sometimes one needs to just sit and ponder...

Well, if you thought you missed the "sick" bullet a few days earlier, and you now find yourself red nosed and sneezy after all, you are more then happy to just SIT.

I'm nursing my tea, and hoping to get over these sniffles by Monday when I am at the  Keystone Quilters guild, in Quakerstown, PA!  I'll be laying in bed all day today, binding three quilts watching Netflix...
Any good recommendations?
I feel I've seen everything, and I'm a bit tired of over the top violent shows...

Honestly though, I did not sit around to much yesterday, I have six quilts on my design walls in my studio right now, and I worked a bit on every quilt.
Keeps they day going along nicely!

I will admit to nearly falling asleep in my blue chair yesterday...I took a mini break, and dozed for a few minutes...  
Yes the Blue DWR(Double Wedding Ring)  is still only design wall... It is a commission quilt for a client, until last week. 

Here's what happened.

My daughter came over to the studio and said, 
"Oh! I still love that Blue DWR so much. " 
She said, "Does it have to be a commission quilt? "
I said, "Why?"
She said, "Because I want it for my wedding quilt."

(My daughter is 14)

I said, "Really you like it that much?"
She said, "YES, it's so me!"
I said, "Well, then It's yours"

Am I the only one who makes her daughter a DWR wedding quilt at age of 14....
 How can I say now to her for that?


So when I was in MA, last week, I bought a whole new bag of BLUES, and have now drawn up an entirely new pattern for the NEW commission Blue DWR, (still due in April. ) LOL
Here's a peak inside my BAG OF GOODIES!!! 

Indigos with a few pops of bright inside... I can't wait to cut into them!

All of the quilts on my walls right now, are quilts made for commissions...
This means, that they are not for a magazine or quilting industry projects...
These are quilts I've been asked to make for various people. A few customers have 3-4 of my quilts already and they keep coming back for more. A few are new customers, who've seen my work either in magazines or at the Museum in Wisconsin.

Making a quilt for someone who truly loves what I make, is the biggest honor there is as a quilt maker. I always make the quilts I want to make.  Whether  it's a magazine quilt, or a commission, I get to make my own idea, my own fabric selections, my own designs.  And I feel very blessed that I get to do this...

I'm a kid in my own candy store, playing and finding JOY everyday in my workspace....
... And making one for your daughter, who comments on how beautiful a quilt is, 
that just melts my heart, and puts the cherry on top!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

What are you NOT working on?

So...  I sat here contemplating my Christmas applique quilt from two years ago, and thought, 
I wonder what I was pondering two years ago TODAY!

So I went back in my blog to see Sept 25, 2012....
And guess what?

It seems I get itchy CHRISTMAS sewing fingers every year at this time!

2.5 blocks are made of this Christmas quilt...
Yet here it sits unfinished...
Along with a Christmas quilt started from each of the last three years.
You too?

Above, I played around in photoshop thinking if I see it all together, then maybe I would get it out and finish it! It's a reproduction of a vintage quilt I own, below... What would have been Red and Green ages ago,is nor red and beige...
I just LOVE big Four Block quilts...
You may have seen the post at Pat Sloan's blog,(Click here) about my current favorite quilt?
Yep, another giant four block quilt...

I started this project in applique because I thought It would go fast and easy.. Which it has, I just never have enough hours int eh day to sit and do the hand work, besides sewing on a BINDING on another quilt with a deadline. haha!   But... I do think I should pull this project out, and let it be my airplane travel work to get it done.. it's so close!! but yet so far.

**What quilt are you NOT working on?

;-) Have a great day!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Quilters Take Manhattan

 Photo recap!
Amazing quilts belonging to Mark Dunn of MODA

Goody bags galore! Ready for action!

 Mark Lipinski in fine form...

 Karla from Cherrywoods, and the amazing WICKED quilts!! Simply amazing!

 Melanie Testa doing her Go tell it talk about her quilt.

 Author Book signings! 

pre orders are available at my website!

 Labeling demos with Leslie Tucker Jenison
 Quilt MATCH! Encyclopedia in the middle.
 John Kubinec on the end...
 Allie Aller on the other end, and came out the WINNER!

 Got to meet blog friends, FACE TO FACE!!! Hello UPSTATE LISA!!!
 I whipped up Roderick's Signature blocks from the book party on Thursday and gave it to him on Saturday!!

 MINIS are happening in show and tell and in class today!

 Amy Butler looking radiant...

A fabulously FUN day!!!
Then it was onto the party at my place... a few pics to come later...

Have a great SUNDAY!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Book Party

Hear more about the book in this casual conversation with Roderick.

Yvonne Porcella and I, with my "tuna" quilt made by Yvonne... 

Signature blocks! I had Roderick hit my stash to select some fabrics he liked, so we could have guests make signature blocks for him. I will turn them into a small quilt for him to remember the night!  ;-)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Roderick Kiracofe chat.

Roderick stopped by to talk about his new Book! He is such a joy, and I am totally excited to share this book with you.

Listen to Roderick Kiracofe talk about his new book Unconventional & Unexpected, American Quilts Below The Radar 1950-2000. It's amazing! Don't miss it! ;-)

Myself, Michele Muska and Roderick Kiracofe, prepping for his book party Thursday eve!

Soon I will have a chat session with Michele Muska and her new book as well! Stay tuned!!

Home again home again....

 I had so much fun in Newtown, PA the last two days!! These ladies were one rocking group! Fabric was flying, people were sewing like crazy, and I cam home inspired!

Classroom is ready for QTM this weekend! Quilters Take Manhattan!!! YAY!!

I'm now home, whipping up my home, classroom to be ready for tonight's ( Thursday) party for Roderick Kiracofe's new  book release Unconventional & Unexpected .

AMAZING book of inspired quilts!

This a must have book for all of you who, like me, love the out of the norm- artistic and unique quilts!

More on the book later...  But here is one peek.... My grandmother's quilt she made for me, is included in the book... This moved me to tears... If only she knew.