Thursday, May 21, 2015

DWR class at IQSCM

I am happy to say that I will be BACK to the International Quilt Study Center & Museum in JUNE!

I will be teaching the BIG MAMA pattern from my book, that makes, the Retro Poly Mod quilt, the Strings of Florid Bloom quilt, and Bright Lights Big City pattern from my Book Double Wedding Rings: Traditions Made Modern.

Thank you to Omaha Modern Quilt Guild for their support as well! How fun!!

I hope to see you there! My quilts wills till be on display, AND the new wing of the Museum will have it's opening celebrations!! WAHOO!

Please sign up QUICK!  I know this class is already nearly full!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

one last quilt to share....

So, yesterday I shared with you four different quilts using my PIES AND POINTS Sizzix Die. One of the comments was from Julie, saying, "I love the basket quilt, with the flowers under the handle and the striped mitered border! But there is something about the fabrics used for the baskets....I see bikini bottoms! Especially the polka dot one! So, there is another possible use for your new die set!!!"

Well, that could not have been said any better, as I and a few of my friends had a few good laughs as we too, thought that... And, well, when I have an idea, I usually run with it, because why not? 
It's a challenge, and it's kind of a FUN challenge!

So off I went...
Yes, I did...
I made the Panties quilt... 

In fact, it is a timeline of panties through the years...
Follow along now... And have a little fun with me.  

L TO R:  RUFFLE panties! We star out with those darling ruffles, and move on to the DAYS OF THE WEEK panties... Then we get into those cute BOY CUT SHORTS ( waist band says Victoria's Secret of course) then,
we get sweet with "pretty" BUTTERFLY panties... Sometimes we have  "ANTS IN YOUR PANTS" (note fabric choices) and if your a bit naughty, "LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE.."
Next comes the HOT PANTS, ( hot sauce and sequins written HOT across the back), and sometimes we feel a little FOXY...  To be a bit SWEET, the next pair has chocolates on them... ( edible perhaps?)

Then we might get the Animal prints out when feeling sassy, GRRRAWL! or perhaps the LACY ones, or maybe even a THONG...(that is often short lived) 
We all know the HIGH RISE ( NYC BUILDING fabric)  ones are more comfortable... Then there is always that SUNDAY BEST pair, the Hole-y ones you just can't throw away, with the elastic falling off... and lastly, all in fun, because sometimes, you just have to 
PUT ON YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES, and get the job done...


The best part of the project, was gathering trims and details to tell the story. To really look at the shapes of my die to see what else can be done with them, sometimes takes me on interesting journeys... I try to make products where you can do multiple variations in interesting ways. Sometimes one's imaginations go to the extreme, but hey, it's all in fun, and quilting is fun! 
Each quilt is an adventure...

photo by Fat Quarter shop
Thank you to Mandy Leins for quilting it for me so fast, when my long arm broke down last week... 

I had so much fun making this quilt, it got me out of my box, it made me think in a different order or ideas. Looking at my fabrics that helped share the story, finding trims to make the quilt look great, and keeping it sweet and light hearted...

And I had a good laugh or two... Laughter is good. ;-)

Kona blush pink front, and a Jennifer Paganelli print on the back....

The new Sizzix dies will be in stock during the summer....Items will be added to my shop soon.
I did get a few more templates added to my website store before I left... 

Hop over to the shop to check out the new products.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Market Release #3

My third Die release with SIZZIX, is my PIES AND POINTS. This die packs a powerful punch! SO MANY OPTIONS of projects to make all on one die!

This quilt all of the styles in one quilt, although I can think of about 10 more ways to use it... But then again, don't tempt me, as I will probably make them all... LOL

This quilt, uses the pieced pointed arcs, and the pie wedge for the center of the circles... It's a favorite for sure...

Same die!  This time I used the outer square to be a darker value so that I could move the placement and make them baskets! I fussy cut the center with flowers, used the arcs as handles... then I also added my mini wave as a border that fits all around the edge of the quilt. Add on some stripes that have mitered corners, and done. ;-)  so fun!

Here is the shot of my new Aurifil 50wt thread set, Full Circle Stitching! So pretty and yummy!
The colors represent each of my double wedding ring quilts. Although all that yummy goodness of color is just plain fun of any kind of quilt!
These will be in my Shop website within a week!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Market Release #2 Mini Wave SIZZIX

The Next Sizzix Die is the MINI WAVE. You may recall I also had a large wave last fall... 
Well, to fill the demand and requests, I went small on the wave as well...
each wave piece is about 4 "X 4/34"

For scale... See my samples below...
Little, cute, and oh so sweet!

Shown two way s to sew together for different effects....

Instead of flip flopping the shape, Here is sewed the Curves together to make columns, then sewed the strips together...  Picking out the solids was so much fun!

I made this baby quilt for a gift, using the Mini wave as "leaves" on this tiny sprout quilt...

And lastly, I cut my pieces then trimmed off the end to give them a straight edge. That way I can add the mini wave as a scallop, around my Basket quilts!  (which is made with my pies & points die, that I will to show you tomorrow!)

So many fun projects....

I have a new large set of 50 Wt Thread with Aurifil, Called Full Circle Stitching!  Thread for piecing, and free motion quilting, in a fun variety of colors and a few basics to inspire your quilting PLAY!

I need to go photograph the colors!  Next post, promise...

The schoolhouse presentation was fun today!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I'm super thrilled to share with you my new SIZZIX DIES!
This round, things went, SMALL!
(not to be confused with my Acrylic templates at my website. 
These are DIE CUT templates for Sizzix.

You know I have a Double Wedding Ring Problem... right?
you may have heard that the number of DWR quilts is up to 46... Yeah, even I wince at that number!
So Here is Die #1, a MINI Double Wedding Ring... And it is OH SO CUTE!
I will show you the rest of them the next few days... But for now, Enjoy the projects made wight he mini DWR, and check out the video on the others!


Each ring is 9" big! ( or small, however you call it!)
Pretty sweet huh?
When you can cut 7 layers of fabric at once, you have so many pieces to PLAY with!
Who would want to cut out all those tiny pieces by hand? My Sizzix cuts them all out perfectly, and quickly... Love it!

Friday, I will show you the Mini Wave and the many projects that have been made already... 
YES, I am having WAY TO MUCH FUN!

Thanks to Shelly Pagliai for quilting my Mini Rings quilt! My long arm decided to take a break this past week an dog in for servicing,  so I frantically shipped my quilts out to peeps to get them done...
Never a dull moment!

And A VERY Happy Birthday to my sweet Husband....
I was there in the morning to wish him a great day before flying to Minneapolis for Quilt Market!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Spring Quilt Market

I have been getting ready for Spring Quilt Market over here...binding quilt after quilt!
(Industry trade show where all the new quilting products release)

This year it is in Minneapolis, my old stomping grounds!

I have some new goodies coming-out, that you will be excited to play with!

Should I show you?


wish I could!

You will have to wait until May 14th...

My school house presentation is  May 14th  11:50 in room 208A

Be sure to come by to see the new goodies, new quilts, and have a  few chuckles with me!

So, right now, I better get binding the last few quilts...

Be sure to visit me at the SIZZIX BOOTH, where I will of course be sewing! (and demoing)
Friday 10-12pm
Saturday 1-3pm

...and come by Sample Spree to grab a few FIRST "goodies!"

                                           Be sure to also swing by the Aurifil booth for new product as well.

Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

QC west

Up and Running!
Are you ready for QuiltCon every year?
Get making those fabulous quilts!! Time will surely fly now!

I'm working on my own pieces, for myself and for classes...
See you in February in CA!

Monday, May 4, 2015


I've had these blocks from a Bee group five years ago, and found they were many different sizes... I have pondered them several different times over the years, and even bought two different reds to finish this off...
I never did.
This past weekend I pulled them out and started playing with them again... I had four blocks that were quite a bit smaller then the others, and as I was talking to my pal Shelly, she said, "put the four together."
Great idea! I needed to look at them differently... new eyes. new shapes...
I started looking at them differently.. then instead of putting them together,
I took the four
...and CUT them in half...

Using up what I have, I used the red and cut sashing to fit it all together...
I felt it was "finished" at this point,
but then went ahead and added yet another red border.
I will probably put it on my king size bed...

Now It's BIG...
So now, of course,
I want a scrappy, tiny, border going all around the edge of the quilt...
because, why not...

Even if you will barley see it when it's on my bed....